Terms and conditions

Sender is liable under administrative and criminal law for parcel content, in case of violation, information about violator will be sent to the relevant authorities. V&S Transport is not responsible for inappropriate packed or unpacked parcels.

It is forbidden to send parcels, which contain:
  • Any types of tobacco goods and smoking mixes;
  • Firearms and cold arms, ammunition, knuckle-dusters, stilettos, sprays with paralyzing liquids etc.;
  • Narcotic and psychotropic agents and their precursors, including in the form of medicaments, devices for their use;
  • Explosive, highly inflammable substances, radioactive substances, poisons, acids, as well as other hazardous substances;
  • As well as other articles and substances prohibited by the legislation of the EU countries.
V&S Transport workers reserve the right to check cargo content.

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